Democracy For America

Call on Rahm Emanuel and Anita Alvarez to resign

Momentum is building to demand Mayor Rahm Emanuel and State's Attorney Anita Alvarez resign and bring long-needed change to the Chicago Police Department.

Democracy for America, SEIU Healthcare Illinois, and Black Lives Matter Chicago are just some of the groups that have called on Rahm Emanuel to resign in the wake of numerous failures to clean up the police department, culminating in what the New York Times called a "cover-up" of the killing of Laquan McDonald.

Just this week, NBC News reported that senior aides to Rahm Emanuel knew about the damning video showing that a young black man, Laquan McDonald, posed no threat to the officer that killed him with 16 gunshots. Yet Rahm Emanuel opposed releasing the video, possibly to prevent it from derailing his bid to win a second term in office. Both Rahm Emanuel and Anita Alvarez think they can ride out this storm and stay in power.

It's time to change that. Call Rahm Emanuel and Anita Alvarez: tell tell them to resign immediately.

Note, if you have trouble reaching Mayor Emanuel's office, you can also click here to submit a comment online via the Mayor's feedback form.