Save Net Neutrality: Join the Congressional Progressive Caucus letter to the FCC

Save Net Neutrality: Join the Congressional Progressive Caucus letter to the FCC

Sign on as a citizen co-signer: Ask the FCC to reclassify broadband and save Net Neutrality

We urge the FCC to recognize our nation's communications providers as "common carriers" under the law -- and abandon the plan to create a two-tier internet, with a fast lane for the 1% and a slow lane for everyone else.
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    Progressives on Capitol Hill are taking a stand for a free and open Internet. The Congressional Progressive Caucus is writing to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to ask that he abandon the plan to create a two-tier Internet. The CPC is urging him to instead enact new rules that would preserve Net Neutrality and keep the Internet accessible to all.

    Will you stand with us? Add your name now as a citizen co-signer of the Congressional Progressive Caucus letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, which will be delivered before the FCC meets on May 15. SIGNATURE DEADLINE: Tuesday, May 13.

    The Honorable Thomas Wheeler
    Federal Communications Commission
    445 12th Street, SW
    Washington, DC 20554

    Dear Chairman Wheeler,

    As you develop a proposal to oversee access to the Internet, we urge you to adopt strong and enforceable open Internet rules that proactively protect Internet users from unfair practices, including the blockage of lawful traffic or discrimination among content providers by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The rules must preserve the Internet as the open platform that it is today by recognizing our nation's communications providers as common carriers. Without strong protections, the Internet could devolve into a closed platform in which those who pay the most can overwhelm other views and ideas.

    We agree with your previous statements and those from President Obama that expressed similar concerns. ISPs will continue to explore ways to boost revenue by imposing discriminatory charges that will decrease the openness of the Internet. There is ample evidence that protecting the open Internet against such threats is critical for users and businesses alike. However, reports indicate that the current FCC proposal creates an Internet fast lane that would prioritize some Internet traffic and allow ISPs to discriminate against everyone else. The FCC cannot protect the open Internet by allowing discrimination.

    We urge the FCC to use its clear authority under Title II of the Communications Act to reclassify the transmission component of broadband Internet access as a telecommunications service. Recognizing our nation's communications providers as common carriers under the law is common sense. Reclassification would also complement the Commission's efforts to promote innovation, competition and investment in universally available, reliable and affordable broadband infrastructure.

    Over one million people have already gone on the record in support of reclassification. We urge the FCC to consider this support for strong, enforceable open Internet rules as it moves forward with the rulemaking process.