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Tell the FCC: Protect Net Neutrality by reclassifying broadband

The Federal Communications Commission is taking public comment for a limited time on their proposal that would destroy Net Neutrality and allow the big telecoms to charge extra for carrying content.

Governor Howard Dean just submitted his own public comment to the FCC opposing their two-tier proposal and urging them to adopt new rules that would protect a free and open Internet. He recorded his comments on video to help spread the word and encourage others to submit their own comments.

These public comments matter. The FCC is listening to what the public has to say, and a strong public outcry could force the FCC to abandon this flawed plan. Over 100,000 people have submitted comments, the vast majority in opposition to the FCC's telecom-friendly plan. 

Submit your comment now and DFA will deliver it to the FCC before their July 15 deadline!