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Tell Congress: Impeach Donald Trump

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has spent decades terrorizing Latino residents of the Phoenix area, using his power as Sheriff to harass, racially profile, and abuse people of color. A court finally ordered him to stop the persecution. He defied the court and kept doing it anyway. And as a result, he was convicted of contempt and was awaiting sentencing.

But Donald Trump just pardoned him, and Arpaio walks free. It wasn't just Arpaio himself that Trump pardoned. Trump gave his blessing to using police power to enforce white supremacy and erode basic constitutional rights. It was one of the most racist acts of his presidency.

It is also another impeachable offense. As Harvard law professor Noah Feldman wrote earlier this week in anticipation of a possible pardon for Arpaio, there is only one remedy in the constitution for this: impeachment.

Sign the petition: It's time for Congress to impeach Donald Trump.