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Sign the petition: Stand with Parkland survivors to pass common sense gun reform NOW

On February 19, as young Parkland shooting survivors looked on in horror and disgust, the Florida legislature voted overwhelmingly to reject a ban on assault rifles.

This is absolutely unacceptable. It was a slap in the face to a community that is reeling in pain right now -- and to everyone across this country who has been impacted by gun violence.

Time and time again, we've witnessed preventable gun-fueled tragedies in this country -- often committed using weapons of war like the AR-15. And time and time again, politicians have gotten away with offering up "thoughts and prayers" and nothing else.

No more. The young people of Parkland are demanding that our politicians DO SOMETHING and make concrete progress on gun reform. Let's show them that Democracy for America members will have their backs in this fight.

Sign Democracy for America's petition and tell lawmakers to listen to survivors instead of the NRA. We need meaningful gun reform -- including an assault weapon ban -- immediately.