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Tell Nancy Pelosi: Oppose Fast Track for the TPP

Where does former Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- the Minority Leader in the House -- stand on Fast Track?

Last year, more than 50,000 Democracy for America members like you signed a petition urging Rep. Pelosi to oppose Fast Track for the TPP, a bill that would make it impossible for Congress to fix a bad trade deal favoring big corporations. Thanks in part to that activism, in February 2014 she announced she did not support that bill.

This year, Nancy Pelosi is saying something very different. She refuses to commit to voting for or against the Fast Track bill. Instead, she has said she is looking for a "path to yes." POLITICO even called her "the White House's secret weapon on trade" for helping President Obama make his case to Democrats for this bad bill.

Like Harry Reid, we need Nancy Pelosi to step up and lead Democrats against Fast Track. We need her powerful progressive voice to speak out against this bill that would lead to the destruction of thousands of jobs and give corporations the power to undermine our laws. Sign our petition: Tell Nancy Pelosi to announce her opposition to Fast Track now.