Tell the FCC: Save Net Neutrality

Tell the FCC: Save Net Neutrality

Tell the FCC to say NO to corporate control of the internet 

Without Net Neutrality, there would be no true internet freedom. The FCC should reject the current proposal that would destroy Net Neutrality and would allow the big telecoms to charge big fees for carrying content.
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    The Internet is a place where voices are expressed and grassroots action can begin. The ability to potentially reach a huge audience with nothing but a computer and an Internet connection empowers anyone to let their voice be heard -- for now.

    Big corporations like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon want to control what you see online. They want to charge content providers, like Netflix or YouTube, for carrying their traffic. Right now, the FCC is considering changing the rules to allow them to do just that. 

    The Internet has been crucial to building progressive power in America. Without it, we would have been defeated by corporate cash long ago. The billionaires want to control the Internet and tilt the playing field in their favor. We need to take a strong stand against corporate power right now by demanding that the FCC protect Net Neutrality.