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Tell the Senate: Stop the Supreme Court confirmation process until the Trump-Russia investigation is over

There are already plenty of reasons to oppose Trump's choice for the Supreme Court seat, Neil Gorsuch. If confirmed, he would be a champion of big business and a disaster for workers, women and our environment. That's why DFA joined Sen. Jeff Merkley to call on all Democratic Senators to filibuster him.

But now that FBI Director James Comey has confirmed under oath that they are explicitly looking into the possibility that Trump colluded with Russia, we have ample reason to be suspicious of Trump's motives. There's no reason to allow him to change the direction of the court and the country -- especially when we still haven't gotten to the bottom of this.

Stand with Elizabeth Warren and sign DFA's petition telling the Senate to put Trump's Supreme Court pick on hold until we find out the facts about his ties to Russia.