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TRUMPCARE: Tell Democrats to shut down the Senate now

The vast majority of Americans, including many Republicans, adamantly oppose Trumpcare. So the Senate Republicans are going try and pass it without public hearings, without the public seeing the details until just a few hours before a final vote.

As many as 50 million Americans will have no access to health care if this bill passes. Millions more will see their premiums soar. Their insurance will pay for fewer and fewer services. Even those with employer health care will be subject to bankruptcy as insurers return to limits on how much they'll pay for your health care -- even if you're at risk of dying.

Progressive organizations -- including our friends at CREDO Action, MoveOn, and Indivisible -- are rallying Americans to fight back. Senate Democrats must use every tool at their disposal to block and resist health care -- including shutting down the Senate itself.

This is an urgent moment: Will you sign the petition and tell Senate Democrats to use every legislative tool at their disposal to stop Trumpcare -- even shutting down the Senate?

Sign our petition and tell Senate Democrats to take bold action to save healthcare: Shut down the Senate and stop Trumpcare.