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Tell President Elect Biden: Don't Let Mitch McConnell Dictate Your Cabinet Choices

After four years of Donald Trump’s unfettered governance in service of powerful corporations - and at the expense of everyday Americans - President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris are in the process of organizing a new administration.

Executive branch personnel have sweeping authority over interpreting and enforcing the law. They also will play key roles in helping to develop and implement a legislative agenda. While the Trump administration has embodied extremes of self-dealing, incompetence, and subservience to corporations, sadly the revolving door between big corporations and government pre-dated the Trump administration. The revolving door has generated far too many conflicts of interest and policy outcomes diverging from the public interest under both Republican and Democratic presidents.

Now, it's up to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to overcome Republican obstruction and appoint a cabinet able to deliver the change we voted for and that America needs. Please add your name now >>