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RSVP: DFA Night School 2022 Sessions


DFA Night School is our online training program that allows anyone to learn the skills to win from their own home. Each session is an interactive Zoom call where trainees participate and ask questions.

Featuring expert trainers, each session will be around 100-120 minutes and is packed with important skills. Best of all, it is completely free.

Sign-up to attend DFA's Night School sessions starting on August 25th and look below for more information on the specifics of each session and the overall description for all four sessions.

The theme for all 4 Sessions

The Field is On Fire: Planning for and engaging volunteers in a world of infinite crisis.

Guiding Principles for the sessions:

  1. Having a Field Plan is Essential
  2. Sticking to a Field Plan is Essential
  3. When Chaos happens, the move should be to think about creative ways to execute a Field Plan, not abandon or short shrift the Field Plan.

Session 1: Tilling the Ground: Preparing for Field Success

August 25th, 7:00 PM ET

Hope Over Fear: Why Field in Central for Progressive Campaigns

How to Determine Your Win Number

Using Your Win Number to Determine Your Contact Number

How to Use Your Win Number to Drive the Rest of Your Campaign

Missed this Session? No worries, simply click here to watch the recording.

Session 2: Plant Deep, Harvest Quick

September 15th, 7:00 PM ET

Why 1-1s are important in organizing

Why you can “rush” a 1-1 in a political campaign

Doing a mini 1-1 (Practice)

Three Archetypes of Volunteers

  1. Here for the Candidate
  2. Here for the Issue
  3. Here for the Movement/Bigger Picture

Questions to ask established volunteers vs. New Volunteers

Missed this Session? No worries, simply click here to watch the recording.

Session 3: Field is Everywhere!

September 22nd, 7:00 PM ET

Using Milestones to Maintain Motivation

Using Endorsers/Local Electeds to Strengthen Your Field Campaign

How to Talk About Momentum and Success

Session 4: Harvest Time

October 6, 7:00 PM ET

Planning for the GOTV push

How to maximize your field plan and minimize the chaos.

Planning for extra help

Ways to use Spokespeople and Outside Help