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Tell the DNC: Allow more Democratic presidential debates

The first Democratic Party presidential debate is coming up on Tuesday, October 13, and a big fight is brewing inside the party -- but it's an issue that actually effects all Americans:

How many debates will happen BEFORE voters go to the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire?

Right now, the answer is four -- of which two are scheduled on Saturday nights and three on weekends (including a holiday weekend). The total number of debates? Six.

Over the course of the 2008 presidential primary race, the Democratic candidates debated each other 26 times. These debates drew intense media attention, gave primary voters and the public at large the opportunity to hear our candidates' positions in detail -- and led to a fantastically successful election year for Democrats.

But this year, not only has the DNC limited the number of official debates to six -- they've tacked on an "exclusivity clause" that would ban any candidate who participates in a non-sanctioned forum from participating in the remainder of the debates.

We cannot let the DNC continue to hurt the prospects of our eventual Democratic nominee by keeping progressive ideas out of the spotlight. Sign our petition telling the DNC to stop standing in the way of our candidates -- drop the exclusivity rule now and let them debate!