Democracy For America

Demand Congress End Mandatory Overtime

For nearly three weeks, Workers at Frito-Lay went on strike, pushing to end 12-hour “suicide shifts,” forced 84-hour workweeks, and working conditions that have led to heart attacks, electrocution, and even death..

While working 40 hours a week is a standard set by the Fair Labor Standards Act, this act does not put a maximum on how many hours you can work in a week, it simply says that 40 hours is the minimum for full-time workers.

That means right now, there are no federal laws that set a maximum number of hours, or days, businesses can force their employees to work.

This gives businesses the power to fire you for not working mandatory overtime hours and can keep workers from claiming unemployment benefits if they do not comply.

With a Democratic House and Senate, Congress must pass legislation that will end mandatory overtime.

Stand with DFA by demanding Congress stand up for workers and end mandatory overtime.