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Louis DeJoy Must Be Fired

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has released his 10-year plan to “save” the postal service, and it includes doubling delivery times, raising the cost of postage, closing local post offices across the country, and reducing the hours remaining post offices are open to the public.

That’s right, the head of the USPS, a Trump Republican mega-donor appointed by a Trump-dominated Board of Governors, wants to make changes to services that will increase delivery times for people relying on prescription medication, credit card bills, and mortgage payments to arrive on time.

This isn't the first time DeJoy, who also has financial interests in companies that have business ties with the Postal Service, has tried to delay critical mail delivery either. In the run up to the Presidential election, he decommission mailboxes and mail-sorting machines across the country in an attempt to keep mail-in ballots from being received by election deadlines.

We need to fix the Postal Service, not make it worse. That starts by firing Louis DeJoy. Add your name now calling on President Biden to save the USPS >>