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Tell the USPS Board of Governors: To Protect Our Elections, Louis DeJoy Must Be Fired

Prior to the 2020 election, Louis DeJoy decommissioned mailboxes and mail-sorting machines.

This was part of a concerted effort to undermine elections in key swing states, including Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Trump believed if he could slow down mail-in ballots, it might delay enough Biden votes from arriving in time to be counted before election deadlines.

DeJoy gleefully led the efforts to decommission mailboxes and mail-sorting machines, and the scary part is that it could’ve worked.

Now, ahead of the crucial midterm elections this year, we need the USPS Board of Governors to take action and stop this threat once and for all.

Join the call to protect our democracy and save the USPS by demanding Postmaster General Louis DeJoy be sent packing!