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Sign Robert Reich's petition: Bernie or Hillary? Let the voters decide -- not superdelegates

One thing is increasingly clear about the race for the Democratic nomination for president: This is going to be a long primary season, and every single delegate is going to be important.

In addition to the thousands of pledged delegates, who are allotted to each campaign based on primary and caucus results, there are 712 superdelegates -- made up of Democratic elected officials and party insiders -- who get to vote on who the party's nominee should be at the convention.

If the race is close, superdelegates could determine who the nominee will be regardless of who the majority of voters supported. 

The race for who the Democratic nominee will be should be decided by the voters, not by a handful of party elite. Add your name now to call on all Democratic superdelegates to pledge to support the popularly-elected winner of the nomination.