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Stand with Bernie Sanders: Stop the deportation raids against vulnerable immigrant families

Last week, immigration agents began raiding the homes of refugee families that had fled violence in Central America, and are officially seeking asylum here in the United States. Mothers and young children were ripped from their homes and taken to detention centers. Some were put on planes and sent to countries where their lives are now at risk.

Rather than protect these families who face torture or death if they are deported, the federal government is embracing Donald Trump's awful anti-refugee, anti-immigrant rhetoric. This has to stop.

Bernie Sanders gave a very strong, powerful statement in support of immigrant and refugee families and explaining why these raids are awful and unacceptable. In an important letter (click here to read it), Sanders urges President Obama and the heads of the Department of Homeland Security and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to stop the raids.

This is an important moral moment, and the White House needs to hear from you right now. Stand with Bernie Sanders and sign the petition urging the federal government to stop these raids -- and protect these refugee families.