Democracy For America

President Obama: Don't bomb Iraq

Once again, the headlines are full of awful stories coming out of Iraq -- and Republican hawks like Sen. Lindsey Graham are warning that we must bomb Iraq to avoid "the next 9/11."
Of course, these are the same people who recklessly led us into a decade-long quagmire in Iraq. This current catastrophe would not be unraveling if President George W. Bush had not chosen to invade this divided country in 2003 on trumped-up intelligence. 

Right now, President Obama is considering the possibility of launching airstrikes, in addition to other options. 

As Democracy for America has argued for years, this complex conflict cannot be fixed with the blunt object of more American military involvement. No bomb can create peace between these opposing sects -- only the Iraqi people themselves can do that. That's why Democracy for America is urging President Obama to reject any proposal to use our military to intervene in Iraq right now.