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Tell Democrats to stand up to right-wing extremists: Sign the petition to impeach Maine Gov. Paul LePage

On Election Day, Maine voters approved an increase in the minimum wage to $12 an hour, a major step forward in the fight against income inequality. But Gov. Paul LePage told his Department of Labor not to enforce the new $12 minimum wage law.

Defying the voters of his state, LePage won't punish employers who won't comply. If the government doesn't enforce the minimum wage, employers will simply not pay workers what they've earned. He's even calling the initiative a "recommendation" -- which, under the Maine constitution, it isn't. It's law that must be enforced to benefit workers.

This is outrageous. This is lawlessness. And it's grounds for impeachment. LePage was nearly impeached twice in 2016 for abusing power and making racist attacks -- but legislators let him off the hook. Until they act, LePage will continue to say and do terrible things. Join DFA and urge Maine legislators to fight for workers and the rule of law by impeaching Gov. LePage.