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Tell the DNC: Gov. Malloy must stand up to the insurance industry now

The health insurance industry is at it again: Thanks to a huge planned merger between the country's two largest health insurance companies, Cigna and Anthem, consumers all over this country are facing the prospect of much higher health insurance premiums.

Unfortunately, corporate Democrats like Governor Dannel Malloy of Connecticut are doing everything possible to help this merger go through, despite the devastating affect it would have on working families.

Incredibly, Malloy is also serving as co-Chair of the DNC's Platform Committee, whose job it is to uphold the Democratic Party's commitment to affordable health care for all Americans in the party platform at the convention in July.

It's hard to take the Democratic Party's stance on affordable health care seriously when prominent members of its leadership are using their elected offices to help the insurance industry profit at the expense of consumers. 

We need to take a stand at this critical moment in the 2016 election cycle and tell the DNC that we expect them to practice what they preach.

Sign Democracy for America's petition to the DNC: If Gov. Malloy won't stand up to the insurance industry by turning against the Cigna-Anthem merger, he needs to step down from the Platform Committee immediately.