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Tell Sen. Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats: Shut down the Senate until the Muslim ban is revoked

Last night, Donald Trump unleashed a "Monday Night Massacre" -- and proved to the world that he has no respect for the rule of law.

Because of the disruptive and expansive Muslim ban signed by Trump on Friday, hundreds of refugees and people from predominantly Muslim countries -- many of whom have been legal residents of the US for years -- were detained in airports across the country over the weekend, sparking widespread protests.

When several courts issued temporary stays of Trump's deportation order, federal customs agents ignored the judges' orders, citing directives from above.

And when acting Attorney General of the United States Sally Yates stood up yesterday and told her department not to defend this unconstitutional order, Donald Trump fired her on the spot -- sparking comparisons to Richard Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre." 

Every hour, it is becoming more and more clear: A constitutional crisis is unfolding before us. Democrats in the Senate to follow the lead of the people and use every tactic at their disposal to oppose the Muslim ban and the unconstitutional actions Donald Trump is taking to defend it.

Sign DFA's petition now and tell Sen. Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats that as long as Trump's hateful Muslim ban is on the books, they must stand up to this administration by withholding consent and shutting the Senate down.