Night School: Finance trainings March 17-20

Night School: Finance trainings March 17-20

Let us know which Night School sessions interest you, and we'll send you updates. (You may return to this page at any time to change your selections.)

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 March 17th: Targeting your donors
 March 18th: Making the Ask
 March 19th: Tactics: Calltime, Direct Mail, Event Planning
 March 20th: Budget & Finance Planning
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    Winning campaigns cost money. Although we can protest the growing costs of campaigning, the reality for any campaign is that without these funds, there can be no staff, no office, no phones, no computers, no signs, no media coverage -- no campaign. How much money the campaign will need to succeed depends on a number of factors. The sessions will cover the key skills and strategies to effectively raising and managing your campaign's finances.

    Sessions begin at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET and run for one hour.

    Monday, March 17th -- Targeting your donors ;
    We will cover building your donor list, tools and systems for donor research and how to determine ask amounts.

    Tuesday, March 18th -- Making the Ask
    Participants will walk through principles for making a strong ask, how to train your candidate to make strong asks and what to do after the ask.

    Wednesday, March 19th -- Tactics: Calltime, Direct Mail, Event Planning
    There are three core tactics used for fundraising. This session goes through preparation, keeping the candidate on the phone, creating call sheets, setting goals, logistics, recruitment, execution and follow up.

    Thursday, March 20th -- Budget & Finance Planning
    We'll cover how to document money in & out, prepare for reports and setting quarterly goals. By the end, you'll be able to tie it all together in one document.