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HEALTH CARE: Tell Senators to oppose Trumpcare and support Medicare for All

Just as Bernie Sanders and 15 other Senators announced a groundbreaking plan to expand Medicare to cover everyone in America, Republican Senators announced their own horrible plot to try and take health care away from millions of people.

In late July Republicans fell just a few votes short of passing Trumpcare. Now they're back with a new plan, known as Graham-Cassidy after the two right-wing Senators who proposed it. Like previous bills, this would cause premiums to soar, deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, and kick millions off of Medicaid.

And John McCain, the Senator who gave Trumpcare the thumbs down in July? He's reportedly on board with this new version.

We can -- and we must -- fight Trumpcare and support Medicare for All at the same time. Health care should be for everyone, not just for the rich and the privileged. Let's deliver that message to Senators right now.

Sign our petition and tell Senators: Oppose Graham-Cassidy and any other attempt to pass Trumpcare -- and instead support Medicare for All.