Democracy For America

Tell President Biden and Senate Democrats: Use reconciliation to pass a robust climate-focused infrastructure bill

Even though Democrats hold a tie-breaking majority in the Senate and can use it to pass an infrastructure bill that will address the worst effects of climate change, President Biden is focused on taking a bipartisan approach that will not do enough to protect the climate.

Budget reconciliation exists for a reason. We must use it and stop worrying about Republicans that will continue to do everything they can to keep us from passing legislation that actually works in favor of the American people and the world's climate.

It is unacceptable for Democrats to cut back on climate proposals to meet the demands of Republicans that care more about protecting their fossil fuel donors than they do about the climate.

Senate Democrats and President Biden need to stand firm and use the power of reconciliation to pass a bill that actually provides the resources we need to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

Sign Democracy for America's petition and tell President Biden and Senate Democrats to use budget reconciliation to pass a robust climate-focused infrastructure bill.