Democracy For America

Remove Trump Now

Donald Trump has been fomenting violence and disinformation for weeks. Just hours before violence broke out in DC and at least one person died, Trump rallied his supporters to storm the Capital continuing to claim he won in a landslide and “the other side knows it.”

Resign, impeachment or the 25th amendment, Trump must be removed from office by any Consistitional means nessaccary.

Let's be clear, it’s not just the President who needs to be removed and held accountable. There are many in his administration and in Congress who supported and incited this violence as well. The Constitution demands consequences for participating in sedition. Every member of Congress must take their Constitutional duties seriously and expel or not seat Members who joined Trump in calling for a coup.

Democracy must be protected. We must demand action. Add your name and make sure every leader in Washington knows that America is watching.