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Stop Betsy DeVos and her attacks on civil rights

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DeVos is taking aim at the Department of Education's vital Office of Civil Rights, which enforces numerous protections against discrimination in schools. They've even suggested gutting enforcement of Title IX, protecting women's rights in college.

DeVos is re-examining the emphasis that the Office of Civil Rights places on investigating campus sexual assault -- with the likely intent of helping more men get away with these crimes.

She has also said that the Office of Civil Rights will "scale back" all kinds of investigations, including into racial discrimination, bias against LGBT students, and other discriminatory acts against women.

Then her deputy in charge of the Office of Civil Rights, Candice Jackson, made horrible comments suggesting that most campus sexual assaults are made up. Senator Patty Murray has called on Jackson to resign. We agree.

Join DFA and sign the petition urging Candice Jackson to go -- and the Department of Education commit to continuing and expanding existing civil rights protections.