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Sign the petition: Stop the EpiPen price gouge

This week, we learned that the EpiPen, a drug delivery system designed to save the lives of people experiencing a massive allergic reaction, just hit an all-time high cost of around $600 a piece.

That's more than a 400% increase over its price just a few short years ago -- and it comes as Mylan's CEO has seen a 600% increase in her pay.

Millions of Americans run the daily risk of having a life-threatening reaction to something as simple as an accidentally consumed peanut or a bee sting. EpiPens are the first line of defense against these reactions -- and they've saved countless lives in the process.

Now, families across the country are being forced to go without this potentially life-saving tool and put their lives at risk, all because a few drug company executives decided to essentially extort people with severe allergies in order to enrich themselves.

Sign our petition: tell Mylan CEO Heather Bresch to apologize for Mylan's greed and rescind their unaffordable and immoral price hikes on the EpiPen now.