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Join Robert Reich, DFA, and MoveOn: Tell Congress to say NO to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and NO to fast track authority

Watch Robert Reich and MoveOn take on the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- and then sign and share DFA's petition to Congress!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the latest trade deal being cooked up in secret by big corporations and their lobbyists. Not only is this a bad idea -- President Obama also wants the ability to keep Congress out of the negotiations by getting "fast track authority," limiting the public's ability to even know what is in the proposal.

In his State of the Union address earlier this month, President Obama acknowledged that past trade deals "haven't always lived up to the hype." That's an understatement. Since NAFTA was adopted in 1993, we've watched income inequality soar as corporations use these trade deals to send jobs overseas and slash wages at home. The middle class suffers as high wage jobs vanish, even as the rich get richer.

The first step: Make sure that Congress rejects fast track authority for President Obama. Senator Elizabeth Warren is leading the fight in Congress to protect her and her colleagues' right to stand up for the American people on this deal. It's time to stand with Sen. Warren and other courageous progressives in Congress: Sign the petition and share it with your friends today.