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STOP TRUMP: Tell Democrats to protect Medicare now

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are planning to privatize and cut Medicare and Medicaid -- and it could happen as soon as this spring.

Make no mistake: the threat is real. But we can beat it. In 2005, George W. Bush and the Republican Congress tried to privatize and cut Social Security. Progressives beat them in part by rallying Democrats to unite and strongly oppose those plans.

The first step to protecting Medicare and Medicaid is to insist that every Democrat in Congress oppose any attempt to privatize or cut the program. We must protect seniors who depend on Medicare -- and if we win, we'll be able to continue the fight to expand Medicare to all Americans.

It is time to begin a mass mobilization of the American people to oppose Donald Trump and his hateful, destructive agenda. One piece of that work is demanding Democrats unite against any attack on Medicare. Will you join the movement? Tell Congressional Democrats: You must oppose any attempt to privatize or cut Medicare and Medicaid.