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Tell Gov. Rick Scott: Stop attacking Aramis Ayala

Last year, DFA members helped elect Aramis Ayala -- a powerhouse who ran on progressive values to become the first Black State's Attorney ever elected in Florida history, and the first woman to serve as a State Attorney in Orange and Osceola counties.

Since taking office, she's governed how she campaigned: fighting for urgently needed criminal justice reform, restoring more power to the people, and recently taking a heroic stand against the death penalty.

As a result, Republicans are launching a new attack against her. Florida's Republican Governor, Rick Scott, is attempting to remove her and replace her with a white prosecutor on a key case. Gov. Scott is punishing Ayala for her leadership and disrespecting the will of the voters in the process. We have to stop him.

This is URGENT: a final decision could be made within the next couple days. We need to move fast. DFA is joining Color of Change to tell Florida Governor Scott: Reverse your decision and let Aramis Ayala do her job. Add your name NOW!