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President Obama: Nominate a progressive woman of color to the Supreme Court

A few days ago, Senator Mitch McConnell announced that there would be no hearing or vote -- not even a cordial meeting -- on any Supreme Court nominee that President Obama presents. All of the Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee signed off on a letter approving of this obstruction. 

Republicans are undermining President Obama’s constitutional right to choose a Supreme Court justice nominee. This only underscores how -- historically and throughout President Obama’s presidency -- conservatives have worked to prevent social progress at every level of government. 

The ferocity of the opposition on the right wing to President Obama’s expected nominee stems from the very real understanding that this nomination represents a breaking of the dam holding back the demographic and social change that has been surging into society over the past 50 years. 

After centuries of racial and gender exclusion, America has a lot of catching up to do. Since the creation of the Supreme Court in 1789, America has had 112 justices, and 106 have been white men. 

That’s exactly why President Obama should nominate a progressive woman of color. 

Please sign the petition from Steve Phillips asking President Obama to unapologetically nominate a proud progressive woman of color who comes from and is committed to the complete inclusion and empowerment of our country’s growing communities of color -- whose very presence will help correct the centuries-old gender and racial imbalance on the court.