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Tell Congress: Stop Trump's illegal strikes on Syria

Last night, Donald Trump launched a sustained wave of illegal air strikes on Syria.

This is an extremely dangerous, reckless decision that is sure to unleash even more chaos in the region. Trump is already sending missiles into densely-populated areas like Damascus, and while the smoke is still clearing, reports of possible civilian casualties in Syria are already surfacing.

Donald Trump's decision to launch these air strikes is not just immoral. It is also blatantly against the law. The Constitutional authority to authorize military action lies with Congress, and Congress alone. We cannot sit back and let Trump ignore the law in order to fulfill the warmongering fantasies of his cabinet and distract the world from his scandals and corruption.

Our representatives need to step up and put an end to this illegal military action. Sign our petition and tell Congress to take concrete action to halt Trump's unconstitutional escalation in Syria immediately.