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Congress: Debate and vote on President Obama's ISIS plan

President Obama has announced his strategy to "degrade and destroy" ISIS -- and called on Congress to fund part of his plan. After more than a decade of war, the American people and their representatives in Congress must conduct a calm, rational public debate about what should be the appropriate level of U.S. involvement in addressing the threat from ISIS.

Unfortunately, congressional leaders are trying to evade accountability to the American public before November's election by avoiding a stand-alone vote to authorize and fund another war in the Middle East -- including $500 million to arm and train Syrian rebels. 

Instead of taking a stand-alone vote on this spending, congressional leaders are trying to embed the funding in the larger Continuing Resolution -- the budget measure being voted on next week that would avoid a government shutdown and keep the government open beyond October 1.

The American people deserve a calm, rational public discussion of the president's strategy -- not parliamentary games designed to shut down debate, force the hands of our representatives in Washington, and obscure the very serious undertaking on which they're voting.

Join us now in demanding that Congress engage in a meaningful debate and vote on President Obama's plan before committing Americans to a new war.