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Sign Elizabeth Warren's petition: Congress, make it easy to file our taxes

Why is it so expensive and complicated to do your taxes? Back in 1998, a Republican Congress passed -- and President Clinton signed -- a bill requiring the IRS to implement a simple "return-free" filing system by 2008. This system would give taxpayers the option of receiving tax returns already filled out for them with the information the IRS already has on hand. But nearly a decade after that system should have been completed, the Treasury Department still hasn't fulfilled its legal obligation.

Instead, the IRS surrendered to pressure from the tax preparation industry -- giant, powerful companies that make a lot of money off of complicated tax forms. Year after year, the IRS signs contracts with these private companies, agreeing not to create a free, online tax return preparation and filing service -- even though it could save taxpayers time and money. And to make sure the IRS keeps tax filing difficult, the tax preparation industry spends millions of dollars lobbying Congress to block return-free filing systems.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is fighting back. She's proposed the Tax Filing Simplification Act to give Americans a free, online option for filing taxes. Now she needs our help to get Congress to act.

Join Elizabeth Warren and Democracy for America in telling Congress to stand up to the big corporations and support the Tax Filing Simplification Act!