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Senator Wyden: Say NO to Fast Track

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is reportedly working with Republicans like Paul Ryan and Orrin Hatch to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that many are calling "NAFTA on steroids." Their goal: to grease the wheels to get the TPP through Congress without proper review or a chance to make any changes to the deal itself.

As soon as next week, it appears that Senators Wyden and Hatch may introduce legislation giving the White House "fast track authority" that would limit Congressional power to review and fix the TPP.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has already come out strongly against it. But if Republicans and a few Democrats succeed in giving the president this fast track authority, it will become much more difficult to stop the TPP. That's why we need to let Senator Wyden know we don't want him to cut this deal.

Tell Ron Wyden to stop working with Republicans and instead oppose Fast Track and the TPP today.