Democracy For America

Text Out The Vote

Protect America’s Vote by engaging directly with voters over text message to drive voters to turn out and VOTE EARLY. Working alongside partners - Black Male Voter Project, She the People, and VoteAmerica - we'll drive over 5 million direct voter contacts focused on a super-targeted pool of high-impact voters in 13 critical states needed to defeat Trump and flip the U.S. Senate. 

We supply scripts and information to help you help voters overcome the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and Republican attempts to suppress the vote. From state guidelines, dates, and regulations to how to apply to vote by mail, update registration, and find their early vote location,  we'll make sure every voter has the information they need to vote early through Election Day.

RSVP NOW TO TEXT VOTERS! Choose when you can volunteer from the times below and we'll send you everything you'll need to know to get started before your first shift.