Democracy For America

Postcard Request Form

We did it!

We met our goal, thanks to you. Over 200,000 voters will be getting hand-written messages from DFA Members and Volunteers.

Because we hit our initial goal, we're reinstituting our waitlist for now. If we re-open the program, you can be the first to know! Just fill out the form below. 

If you've already requested postcards, your order is probably being processed! Because we're hand-counting and hand-packing all of these packages, they may take a little longer to get to you. Don't fret! We're working as fast as we can to get your cards to you in time for them to get to voters. If you have any questions, please email

Still want to help? You can donate to sponsor postage and printing here. We offer a postage grant to volunteers who are unable to purchase their own postage. Whether you're on a fixed income, your budget is tight, or you're a middle schooler with no income (yes, we have middle schooler volunteers!), we want to make sure you have the opportunity to write postcards. We're still working on fulfilling these grant requests, so if you're able to give, anything helps.