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Elect progressive champions: Sign up for DFA Dialer!

In 2014, DFA members will prove that bold leadership in fighting income inequality isn’t just good for the country and our economy -- it’s a smart, savvy, winning political strategy. 

In the 2012 cycle, DFA members made 913,270 calls to voters in key areas. We're building on the success of that program to make sure that this year we can:

  • Help hold the Senate with real progressive values - in places like Alaska, Iowa, Oregon, Maine and more.
  • Defeat the wave of anti-women and anti-worker laws coming from state Republicans by flipping key state legislatures and Governors’ seats in places like New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan, and Texas.
  • Build the pipeline of progressive rockstars, from Secretary of State candidate Nina Turner in Ohio to Mike Honda, progressive House champion from California.

We're running the DFA Dialer EVERY WEDNESDAY and EVERY THURSDAY between now and Election Day.  Please sign up for as many shifts as possible -- the voters you'll talk to can be the margin of victory in these crucial races.

If you'd like to sign up for every Wednesday and/or every Thursday, please click here.

We'll give you all of the information, tools and insider strategy updates you'll need to make these important calls -- all you need is your phone and a computer with internet access. Sign up now to join us!